Thursday, October 1, 2009

Working on a new Lakeside Classic project.

Good Morning!

I am working on getting together a nice collection of Lakeside Classics. They will currently include the "blues" and the "browns". Although I may change my mind and add the reds. The years will definitely include 1953-2002.

Here is a little background about the books:

The Lakeside Classics is a series of books printed annually, at Christmastime, by RR Donnelley.[8] This tradition was begun in 1903 by Thomas E. Donnelley, who was then the company president. The basic format of these books has remained essentially the same since inception, as a hardcover, cloth wrapped and gold embossed.
Subject matter tends to cover elements of American history. Many early volumes contained speeches and writings of noted Americans, including Benjamin Franklin, whose autobiography represented the first ever Lakeside Classic.
Lakeside Classics are never sold and are only made available to RR Donnelley employees, clients, and others associated with the company.[8] The week before Christmas, each employee is given one copy of that year's volume. As such, the books are very rare, and are in demand on the collector's market. Antiquarian bookstores often have a section devoted to Lakeside Classics, and early volumes command large sums from book collectors.[8]

Happy Collecting!
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