Friday, March 11, 2011

Dixon Public Library Collection of Antique Books-available Mar. 14th.

John Stoddard's Lectures 1897-1901
Balch Brothers

We and Our Neighbors by Harriet Beecher Stowe 1875 1st Ed.

The Poetical Works of Mrs. Hemans Late 1800's

The Poetical Works of Percy Shelley 1884.

Lalla Rookh by Thomas Moore 1817 Preface Date.

Poems by Lydia Sigourney 1856 1st Ed. Thus

The Volunteer Soldier of America by John A. Logan 1887 1st Ed.

Schiller's Werke & Goethe Werke ~ German

Die Bibel 1900 German Bible Hand-tooled Leather

The Days of Auld Lang Syne by Ian Maclaren 1895 1st Ed.

The Life and Work of James G. Blaine by John Clark Ridpath 1893

Of Flight and Life by Charles Lindbergh 1948 1st Ed.

Chamber Music by James Joyce 1923 2nd Ed.

The Poetical Works of Mary Howitt, Eliza Cook, L. E. L. 1853 1st Ed.

Alice's Adventures Underground by Lewis Carroll 1932

Rocky Mountains of Canada(A Series of Twenty-Four Handcolored Vandyck Photogravures) published by Byron Harmon, Banff, Canada Circa 1900.


  1. Alice's Adventures Underground and Chamber Music by James Joyce is sold!

  2. Alice's Adventure Underground and Lucile are sold!!