Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dixon Public Library Historical Collection Books- available April 28th

Complete Works of Shakespeare Cambridge Edition 1906

Life and Times of Frederick Douglass by Himself 1895

Oldtown Folks by Harriet Beecher Stowe 1869 1st Edition

The Sailor's Log by Robley Evans 1901 1st Edition

Tommy and Grizel by J M Barrie 1900 1st Edition.

The Little Minister by J M Barrie Early 1900's

Indian Reminiscences by Rev. Charles Elliott 1835

Badminton Library: Golf by Horace Hutchinson 1890

Godey's Ladies Book 1861

Stephen Douglas by Willis 1910 1st Ed.

Following the Guidon by Elizabeth Custer 1890 1st Ed.

Boots and Saddles by Elizabeth Custer 1885 1st Ed.

War Songs and Poems of the Confederacy by an Ex-Confederate

A Girl's Life in Virginia Before The War by Letitia Burwell, 1895.

The Works of Washington Irving 1883. 3 Volumes Complete.

Remember The Alamo by Amelia Barr 1898

Great Epochs In History 1912 Complete Set. Funk and Wagnalls.

The Delphian Course Complete Set 1913 Volumes 1-10

Complete Set of Works of Washington Irving Early 1900's

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