Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dixon Public Library Historical Collection Books- Available May 13th, 2011

Modern Eloquence, complete set of 10, 1900. Published by John D. Morris and Company.

Grieb Dictionary Vol. 1 & 11 Complete, 1885. Published by Paul Neff.

Engraved Gems by Duffield Osborne, 1912. Published by Henry Holt. 1stEdition.

Ladies Repository, A Monthly Periodical edited by Rev. I.W. Wiley. Vol. xxv, 1865.

Ordeal of The Union Vol 1 & 11 by Allan Nevins, 1947. Published by Scribner. 1st Edition with “A”.

Kansas In The Sixties by Samuel Crawford, 1911. Published by McClurg & Co.

The Attack & Defense of Little Round Top, Gettysburg July 2, 1863 by Oliver Norton. Published by The Neale Publishing Co. 1913. 1st Edition.

Robert Browning’s Poems, 1896. Published by Thomas Crowell.

Prue and I by George William Curtis, early 1900’s. Published by Donohue Brothers.

Old Virginia and Her Neighbours Vol. 1 & 11 Complete by John Fiske, 1897. Published by Houghton Mifflin & Co. 1st Edition.

Helen’s Babies by Their Latest Victim, 1876. Published by Loring Co.

Documentary History of Reconstruction Vol. 1 & 11 by Walter Fleming, 1906. Published by Arthur Clark Co. 1st Edition.

Campaigning with Grant by Horace Baker, 1897. Published by Century Co. 1st Editon.

Stuart's Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign by John S. Mosby, 1908. Published by Moffat Yard & Co. 2nd Edition.

Bull Run, It's Strategies and Tactics by R. M. Johnston. 1913. Published by Houghton Mifflin. 1st Edition.

History's Greatest War, A Pictorial Narrative by S. J. Duncan-Clark. 1919. Published by F. T. Townsend. 1st Edition.

The Life and Travels of Bayard Taylor by Russell Conwell, 1879. Published by B. B. Russell & Co. 1st Edition. Leather!

Down The Santa Fe Trail and Into Mexico by Stella Drumm, 1926. Published by Yale University Press. 1st Edition.

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